Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ian's Baptism - Exactly One Year After Our LOI!!!

So this morning as I was updating my Facebook photos, I realized the coolest things!!!! On February 23, 2012 we mailed our "LOI" Letter of Intent to adopt Yang Liumu aka "MuMu" to our adoption agency in California along with our first installment check to begin the process.  On February 23, 2013 our son Ian Liumu Jekabsons was baptized in our church as a member of our family for just over 4 months!  How cools is that?!?!?  We are blessed with our little man.  So happy he is a part of our world.  

Ian does NOT like getting water on his head

This was the picture up on the HUGE screens in front of the church during the baptism.  The girls were hysterical when they looked up and saw it.  I had no idea it was there and was telling them to stop laughing.  

Ian with Pastor Ray 

Our family with Pastor Ray (minus Sarah who was M.I.A.) 

Ian with our friend Bob... matching outfits... too cute...


  1. Such a blessing that Ian was baptized on your LOI anniversary! What a wonderful detail that God wove into his story! I just found your blog via an ICC friend. We are in process to adopt a little girl from Heng Yang City SWI, and I would love to connect with you. You can email me at What a blessing your son is, and I look forward to following along as he continues to grow and blossom!

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