Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday in Guangzhou

What a great day!! We all slept wonderful in our new hotel, although a few more hours would have been nice. Here is how Ian is sleeping here... the little man never moved all night!!!!

The breakfast buffet here at the Garden Hotel, Guangzhou, was fabulous but had to be rushed this morning for a 9am departure for the medical exam. This is a picture of the view from our breakfast table this morning...

The medical exam went great!!! No murmor heard at all!!! YAY!!!! Everything else passed with flying colors. We go back for the TB results reading on Monday. The bad news with that is that I can't give Ian his first bubble bath until after the test reading on Monday.  Bummer... But... he doesn't know any better, so it's just me who is disappointed. I'll live.

Here are a few photos from around the hotel... I'll get some better ones soon.


We walked around Guangzhou, window shopped and grabbed some lunch at McDonald's. It's a quaint town with lots of shops. For those of you from Jersey, it kind of reminds us of old downtown Toms River.

Of course the outside escalators were call for a ride!!!

So you know by now that the penguin has become an important part of Ian's world... therefore we must include the photo ops whenever possible...
Here we have Mr. Penguin in the tub...
Super Hero Mr. Penguin to the rescue!!
After dinner we went to check out the play room...
Guess who thought she could fit through the little tiny door of the castle????  

All worn out...
Tomorrow... The Safari and dinner with the white tigers!!!!
晚安 Wǎn'ān


  1. Looks like you're all having a great time! Brings back so many memories for me :) Glad to hear the medical went well. Not too much longer until he's home with endless bubble baths,

  2. Georgia,
    We are so so so so excited to meet Ian!! We've loved all the pics and stories. The girls are lovin' seeing Sarah and Emily with Ian! We are ALL gonna have to restrain ourselves when you get home...we just want to pinch his little cheeks!!! Keep us posted-
    Lots of love-
    The Gill Family

  3. Yay for Guangzhou...Enjoy the Safari!

    Your crew looks perfect together.


  4. hi mrs.J I'm sooo excided to see Ian hope you guys are having a good time the pictue of sarah in the castle is sooooooo funny!!! : D

    1. sorry the last thing was saposed to be this: :D

  5. Good morning to you too! Guangzhou is a nice town. We've been a few times for weekend getaways! We were surprised how many Africans we saw there! Hope you enjoy the Chimelong tomorrow. The safari is like animal kingdom - kind of - be sure to explore the resort a bit. They have beautiful landscaping...the restaurant is the best though with the white tigers! There are white tigers off the main lobby of the main desk too! I wish I were there with you! Getting more homesick by the day. WHen are we going to skype? The class is excited to see all of you.

  6. Hope you have a good time at the hotel see ya I'm going to a mops convention