Adoption Terminology

One of the first things I had to research when we began the adoption journey, was the terminology and numerous acronyms found in emails from our agency and on the blogs and Facebook group posts.  These are some or most of those terms.    This website in particular, has been a great help to me in our paperwork process.

CCAA: Chinese Centre of Adoption Affairs. These are the folks that oversee adoption in the People’s Republic of China. All adoptive parents must have their approval in order to adopt a Chinese orphan.

Dossier: This is your application to adopt an orphan. It includes a letter requesting permission to adopt a Chinese orphan, home study, police reports, immigration approval, reference letters, medical reports, marriage certificate, birth certificates, letters of employment, and photos of your family and house. 

LID: Log In Date. This is the date that your dossier is “logged in” or received by the CCAA.

LOI: Letter of Intent. This is a letter to the CCAA that you intend to adopt a Chinese orphan.

PA: Pre-Approval. After submitting your LOI, you receive pre-approval from the CCAA to adopt a specific child. Typically, you will receive your PA anywhere from 1 – 10 days after your LOI is submitted.

DTC: Dossier to China. This is a celebration day! You have finally collected all of the required paperwork. This is the date that your dossier is mailed to China.

LOA: Letter of Acceptance. This is the official approval from China to adopt your child. This comes after LID.

NVC: National Visa Center. After USCIS approves your immigrant visa petition (I-800/I-600), your petition is forwarded to the NVC in New Hampshire for immigrant visa pre-processing. This is only for U.S. adoptive parents.

TA: Travel Approval. This is the go-ahead from the CCAA to travel to China to get your child. Your TA has 90 days before it expires, so you better get packing!

CA: Consulate Appointment. This is the date that you go to your Consulate in China. You fill out paperwork to get your child’s visa to enter your country.

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