Sunday, August 4, 2013

"I Know I'm In China..." - Borrowed From My Friend Chris

This is kinda I'm working on a blog post for a new online bible  study I started today, I came across this post in my "drafts" folder from last October.  A new friend we shared our guide with in Guangzhou, posted this on her blog and I had liked it and  wanted to share it on mine, but I guess I never did.  Now as I'm re-reading it I'm feeling sort of nostalgic.  Some of the things on this list are really funny and they are ALL true.  (#9 was an inside joke from Chris to me)  I'm sure all of you readers who have "been there, done that", will be able to relate.  Enjoy... and thank you Chris Weaver!


#1- when the BREAKFAST buffet serves baked beans!
#2- when the hotel  carpet is softer then my bed
#3- when the cashiers have to type my amount due on a calculator so i know for sure what number they said
#4- when i get more second glances then a movie star=)
#5- when I never can find shoes that fit my size 8 feet and 2x is actually a medium.

#6- when clerks are friendlier then the Wal-mart greeter @ home
#7- when I don't gasp when a car comes within millimeters of hitting our car
#8- when the choices for coffee are instant or starbucks
#9- when going to the zoo is considered romantic "hi georgia"
#10- when you see people riding bikes and wearing high heels
#11 when "duct" tape might be translated as " duck or gooose" tape!!
#12- when bouncing on the bed could cause a concusion even with out falling off!!
#13- when there is no 14th floor in a 20 story building or at least not listed on the elevator buttons!!

#14- when no tap water is drinkabe and in the bathroom theres a sign that reads "non-potable"
#15- when out of the 36 TV channels you can only understand two!!
#16- when CARP are considered a sign of wealth!!!!
#17 - when I'm glad to see pink money in my wallet. (100 RMB notes are pink)
#17- when I'm actually looking forward to a 15 hour plane flight with a two year old!
#18- when you have 2 essentials in your purse hand sanitizer and toilet paper!!
#19- and last but not least when everybody cheers and races to use the "western" toilet cuz there might not be another 1 like that today=)

Family Photos

We have never had professional photos done before but now finally after adopting Ian and completing our new family of five, we are blessed to have some terrific shots worth creating a photo wall for.