Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Things We Have Learned About Ian in the First Two Months

  1. Ian LOVES food!
  2. He was scared to death of Gracie when he arrived but he LOVES Gracie now.
  3. He eats almost ANYTHING!
  4. He LOVES water and milk. (separately... not mixed together)
  5. He is quite the ham, both in front and behind the camera.
  6. He is mostly very neat and tidy. (unlike his older sisters!) 
  7. He is very smart and learning English quickly.
  8. He LOVES to do puzzles, build with Legos, do beading and create with Playdoh.
  9. He is VERY funny! (and cracks himself up regularly)
  10. He LOVES to play with his sisters!
  11. He likes bubble baths with his dinosaurs and his new boat.
  12. He has an infectious laugh.
  13. He TOTALLY fits into our crazy family!
  14. It doesn't feel like Ian has only been a member of our family for two months... It's JUST SO RIGHT! 

October, November, December Updates

The timing of our arrival home with Ian on October 26th was perfect for introducing him into the traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We did cookie baking and fruit cake baking and tree decorating and of course for Thanksgiving we had a MONSTER 24 pound turkey that made a major impact on the little man!!!  During Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks we played A LOT!!!
YAY!  First day of Kindergarten!
Ian was and still is quite the celebrity at school.  This is the group that approached us as he and I tried to walk to his classroom for the first time. 
Mrs. Huey is Ian's teacher.  She is a gifted, talented and loving person.  She prepared herself and her class so well for Ian's arrival and the transition has been amazing since day one!  Ian ADORE's her!!! 
Ian's first haircut in the USA
The lollipop helped keep him still in the final moments.
Sweet boy!
Fun Friday at the bowling alley with 115 kids grades kindergarten through 5th
Crazy sibling fun during Thanksgiving break

Cookout... hot dogs and smores!
Cookie making with Emmy
Really DIGGING in!!! That is some well mixed cookie dough!

Ian is learning the art of cookie decorating


Sarah helped Mommy make fruit cake for Daddy.

They came out really good! Daddy was happy!
Then she helped make pumpkin pies!
...and a pineapple upside down cake!

Here's our 24 Pound TURKEY!!!  Ian came RUNNING from the other side of the house when the meat timer went off, yelling "TURKEY! TURKEY!"
He REALLY liked his huge turkey.
His first Thanksgiving dinner
Since it was only us for dinner the girls took turns for photos

Beading with his sisters
Working on a "Search and Find" puzzle before church
Ian's first 100 piece puzzle
Reading time with Daddy
Learning to use his new trucks.  These awesome trucks have survived 3 little boys prior to Ian and now he has been blessed with them as a gift.  

So much excitement over Daddy bringing more DIRT!!!!
Ian's big sister Emmy danced with the Florida Orchestra on December 15th. She's in the white dress.
Daddy didn't arrive in time to get in the photo
Ian's soldier he made in school
Ian's citizenship certification received several days before Christmas and in less than 60 days from his arrival in the US
Ian's first Christmas tree 
Ian's Christmas present from his teacher, Mrs. Huey.
This is the AWESOME Christmas ornament our friends, the Biuk's gave us when they visited from PA!
Ian loves building things!
Ian with Grammy, heading to the barn to meet the horses
Ian wanted NOTHING to do with Champ, Grandpa's 17 hands Tennessee Walker, but with a little TLC from Grandpa he was willing to approach Buddy, the smaller horse.
Ian seeing the girls off as they started their first day of Horse Camp
This is a very good look don't you think!??!?  NOT!!!  LOL  This is an example of the crazy antics that take place among the siblings!  Obviously he is due for another hair cut! 

Ian and Mommy built one of his Christmas presents

And it has a motor!!!  How cool!!!

Then beginning of his second 100 piece puzzle

Day two... this one is a challenge

BUT... He conquered it!!!!  AMAZING!!! 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Name For The Blog

It has been so long since I posted on the blog.  The last time was October 29th, on Ian's first day of school, just 3 days after he arrived in the US.  I'm pretty sure  my blog stalkers, I mean followers, have dwindled since we returned from China, but I feel as if I should still try to post an  keep this blog somewhat current at least monthly, so that is what I will try to do.

As I came here to post I thought the name  of the blog is really not appropriate anymore since we are  obviously not "waiting" anymore,  but I still want  people to find us, so I will leave the  address the same and  just change the title.  Let me know what you think of it.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

First Couple of Days at Home

Life is already starting to take on some normalcy.  The kids play together and hang with dad and even go off into their own rooms to do things.  Emmy and Sarah were working on homework and Ian was busy doing one of his favorite things, cutting and taping!  I think I better buy some stock in SCOTCH!!  LOL    Here are just a few more candid shots of 1st couple of days at home...

This was the welcome we came home to along with flowers and dinner in the fridge ready for heating!

This was Ian's "test drive" the first night in his big boy bed.  He didn't actually sleep in it until the 2nd night.

After several humungous meltdowns, Ian finally became brave enough to get to know Gracie our beagle dog. 
This was a HUGE breakthrough!

After touching her, he says "Gou Pew!!!"  He's right... even a couple days after a fresh bath, our sweet beagle dog smells.  (fyi...  Gou = Dog)

Our sweet friends Maddy, Paige and Jane came to visit with a lovely and yummy chocolate chip cookie cake!  Ian put on a show!!  He just LOVES all the attention these girls want to give him!

Love hearing Ian yelling for Baba!!  He couldn't wait to finish his breakfast and get outside with him!

Fun stuff!!
Ian LOVES to color and cut and tape!

He is very happy to do his own independent activities when one of us is not available to play with him.  Earlier (no photo) he got the beads out and started beading a bracelet all by himself. 

Lunch boxes packed for our first day back and Ian's first day of Kindergarten at SRCS!

Ian's first string cheese!!  Emmy gave him a lesson on how to eat it.  He loved it!

We also introduced him to baby carrots dipped in ranch dip.  He wasn't sure at first, but he caught on.  I didn't think he was liking it and I took his out of his lunch box and he came rushing over to me to put it back into his lunch box for tomorrow.  Guess we will see if he eats them or not.