Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yesterday's Orphanage Visit

Choosing to leave Ian at the hotel while the girls and I visited the orphanage, turned I have many photos of the orphanage but will only share a few here.  Perhaps one day I will create a separate page link specifically for ICC Hengyang.  For now, here is a very brief synopsis of our day yesterday.  One of the best pieces of information I learned during the visit yesterday was that Ian's heart condition has absolutely healed on it's own!!!!  He never needed surgery and never will!  He is a healthy little boy!!!  
The front entrance gate with very bright sun in our eyes.

Ian's friend Tao Tao welcomed us with an apple for Mu Mu (Ian).  He was very sad that Mu Mu was not with us.  We need to find a family for this beautiful little boy.  Is it YOU?????
These are the 2 primary nannies of Ian's.  We were all crying out eyes out...I look HORRIBLE, but this will likely be an important photo for Ian, tying me to his beloved nannies.  
The nannie in the center here was the one responsible for costumes and makeup for the children's performance programs.  She said Mu Mu LOVES to perform and "strut his stuff" for the camera.

Ian's tiny classroom since graduating from ICC Kindergarten about 6 months ago.

These are Ian's teachers! WONDERFUL ladies who love him VERY much!  They sent me with his name tag, his math workbook and many pages of his school work.  HE IS SO SMART!!!!  His math pages have equations he has learned such as 6 + 4 + 10!  And I was concerned about a delay????   While I was touring, they created a beautiful card for Ian with little pictures all of the babies/children from his group over the years.  They marked the ones who already left for the USA.  When I arrived back at the hotel and Ian was sad for the orphanage again, I took him aside and gave him the papers they shared with me and that special card and his flashcards. He instantly was calmed and transformed and began slowly and quietly showing me his work as I praised him.  Then he named each and every child (about 30 of them) on the pages of the card.  It warms my heart to know he has these special things to keep.
The bottom name tag is Ian's... it says Mu Mu - they gave it to me for him.

Lunch with the orphanage director, as guests at the orphanage.  Blue shirt is Alison, a lovely physical therapist from the UK who has been with ICC for many years.  White sweater is Catherine, one of the ICC nurses who used to be with Butterfly Home. Both of these ladies love the children SOOOO much and are an intricate part of their well being both physically and emotionally.

The girls and I helped role the donations into the building.

The donations...
The finance office writing the receipt for the cash donation.
This is the building Ian lived in for 3 1/2 years.  His room is on the 3rd floor.

This is Ian's room in the orphanage.  There are 6 cribs, 2 toddler beds (1 is his) and a bassinet all in a little room that is less than 1/2 the size of his new bedroom.

This is where Ian used to get showered by his nannies. 
It is right in the open hallway leading to his room.
These are some of the babies who live in Ian's room. Unfortunately, they were napping and we couldn't use flash without disturbing them so the photos are a little dark. One day when I have some spare time (HA!!!) I will photo shop them and lighten them up. For now these will due.

This little peanut is in Ian's bed.  One of the neat things about when an ICC child is adopted, is that they immediately go over to the SWI side of the orphanage and get another baby to replace the one that just left.  A little baby boy (this is not him) was brought over to ICC the same day or the day after, Mu Mu left.  The child will be given heart surgery and has a great chance of survival in the loving hands of ICC Hengyang.



  1. Great post and photos. So awesome that you know so much more about Ian now.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Such a good thing that you were able to go. Breaks my heart to see those babies there without mamas and babas though. So glad Ian has his! Enjoy GZ!