Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I800A on it's way to USCIS!!

I'm so excited!!! I finally really feel like we are in the process of adopting our son!  Our first packet of official paperwork is going to land on an immigration official's desk tomorrow morning before 10:30am!  I know there will LOTS and LOTS of waiting ahead, but I'm so relieved to be this step closer to DTC!!! (Documents to Ch*na) Thank you Lord!!!!



  1. Hi. So happy for you. It is an awesome feeling to get the LOA in your hot little hands. I know how you feel. Ours was there at USCIS on the 9th in the morning. Here is to a quick process until TA for all of us!! And prayers for all those still waiting for LOA.

  2. OH OH OH, adorable little Ian is in Changsha? I am seeing your Changsha clock over there on the right just now. I wonder if we may see each other in China??!! Our Phoebe is in Hengyang, with a "gotcha" in Changsha. We are expected to travel sometime in July, probably (?). We are with Holt. You will know me from the DTC FB page. Obviously, our timelines are quite close since we both sent i800's to USCIS just days apart.

    1. Hi Lynette - Actually our son is in Hengyang too!! I just have the Changsha clock because it wouldn't do Hengyang! LOL Ian is with ICC Hengyang. Where is Phoebe? ICC or SWI? The bad news is, I'm only referring to my I800A in this blog post, not the I800 yet. :( Sadly, I'm quite a bit behind you and we will be lucky if we get to travel by October or later. Maybe you'll be able to see my little guy when you go?

  3. Hi. Me again, we are in the DTC winter group (FB) together. Cant' wait to go to China with my sparkly ribbon!! We leave NJ for Korea layover then onto China on the 27th. Hope things are going well for you also. I know I see your face pop up on the posts over at the group on facebook often. xo Blessings, Lynette

  4. Hi Lynette! I'm so excited for you that you are leaving so soon!!! We still have a few months. Awaiting LOA. Are you planning to blog in Ch*na? I would live to follow you!