Friday, December 28, 2012

Some Things We Have Learned About Ian in the First Two Months

  1. Ian LOVES food!
  2. He was scared to death of Gracie when he arrived but he LOVES Gracie now.
  3. He eats almost ANYTHING!
  4. He LOVES water and milk. (separately... not mixed together)
  5. He is quite the ham, both in front and behind the camera.
  6. He is mostly very neat and tidy. (unlike his older sisters!) 
  7. He is very smart and learning English quickly.
  8. He LOVES to do puzzles, build with Legos, do beading and create with Playdoh.
  9. He is VERY funny! (and cracks himself up regularly)
  10. He LOVES to play with his sisters!
  11. He likes bubble baths with his dinosaurs and his new boat.
  12. He has an infectious laugh.
  13. He TOTALLY fits into our crazy family!
  14. It doesn't feel like Ian has only been a member of our family for two months... It's JUST SO RIGHT! 


  1. Love this list! Especially #'s 13 and 14! God is so good!

  2. Thank you Sheryl! It has been such a great couple of months!

  3. I remember talking about when Ian would come last year at lunch with you and now Ian's here and as the list says became part of your family automatically!! Yeyyy God for bringing yall together!!!